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  • DUHACO TOWERS - Ho Chi Minh City

    This project features two multi-story residential towers atop a parking podium located along the Saigon River banks. This is Archetype Designís first venture within Vietnam, where a new representative office is being established. The twin towers will act as a gateway into the city thanks to its adjacency to a main transit bridge crossing the river next to the site which focuses pedestrian and vehicular views directly into the project. The complex is planned to include office, retail, amenity space and a marina on the lushly landscaped master plan. This project is currently on the boards and is scheduled for completion in the coming years.

  • HICKEY RESIDENCE - Dunwoody, Georgia

    • Hickey Residence
    • Hickey Residence
    • Hickey Residence

    The Hickey Residence is a 2,850 SF, two story home located in Dunwoody, Georgia. The home features a south-facing solarium generating passive solar heated air for the intermediate space between inner and outer insulated shells. Thick tile floors in the solarium and exposed concrete basement surfaces store heat for release at a later time during cool weather. In summer months, passively heated air is exhausted with dual whole-house fans. The building utilizes a cube-like volume to minimize heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Many plants are located in the solarium to increase indoor air quality and provide inhabitants with relief from the drab winter landscape. Jim Hickey designed the home and served as the general contractor. His family has occupied the home since its construction in 1981.

  • KAUFMAN RESIDENCE - Manzanita, Oregon

    • Kaufman Residence
    • Kaufman Residence
    • Kaufman Residence
    • Kaufman Residence

    This single family residence is nestled in the quaint coastal village of Manzanita- just a few blocks from the ocean. The home features large entertainment areas and rooftop terrace which yields a panoramic view of the coast. With funky interiors and informal beach living in mind, the design team at Archetype and the Kaufman family worked closely together to create something unique to their tastes. This project is in the final stages of pricing with construction planned to begin at the end of summer 2010.

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